Fire Resistance

The compound used to make the “skin” or outside layer of ASIP-MT panels is fire resistant and a thermal barrier. Tests have shown that a torch flame reaching a temperature of 1,100 degrees Celsius applied directly to a ASIP-MT panel for 45 minutes will not ignite or liquefy the skin.

In addition, while the side of the panel with the torch flame applied will reach the same temperature as the flame – 1,100 degrees Celsius – after 45 minutes, the other side of the same panel will reach a maximum temperature of only 134 degrees Celsius.

The foam core of ASIP-MTs is a material called expanded polystyrene, or EPS. EPS will not burn. While exceptionally extreme heat may cause the EPS to melt, it is enclosed within the MEGCRETeTM skin, so once constructed the melting of the EPS is not a hazard (as long as the panels are left intact until cooled). Under a typical fire scenario with prompt fire suppression, it is likely that very few of the ASIP-MT panels would be unusable.

ASIP-MT panels are available in one, two, and four hour certified non-combustible ratings.

This videodemonstrates the fire resistance of ASIP-MT panels in comparison to traditional building materials.

Heat and Sound Insulation

ASIP-MT panels provide great thermal insulation and also act as a sound barrier.

The panels provide an insulating factor of R-12 up to R-43 depending on the thickness. Please see Specificationsfor details.

While all ASIP-MT panels provide some sound muffling, we are now also offering a specialized panel that is five to six times more sound proof than similar products. This panel is rated STC-59 and provides the same level of sound proofing as a wood studded wall with a double layer of 1/2″ drywall on each side, resilient channels on one side and batt insulation on the other.

Ease of Construction

ten-times-faster.gifBasically a “building envelope in a box,” up to 90% of the materials needed for your project will be delivered from our factory in Calgary. We do recommend local purchasing of materials such as wood for splines (these go in between the panels), electrical supplies, paint, etc. to save on costs, but we’ll gladly include these in the delivery if you wish.

From your design schematic, we will provide the exact type, shape, and number of ASIP-MT panels needed for your project. Smaller panels can be placed manually, and are easy to connect. A crane may be required for taller buildings and roofs.

With concrete needed only for the footings and no frost wall necessary, the foundation and building envelope are very quick to construct. See our Case Study on the construction of a NAPA store. If your local contractor has not yet had training in ASIP-MT construction, we’ll gladly offer it at no cost. Print this sheet to take to your contractor or building supply store. We can also provide a construction crew if desired.

For industrial purposes, all you need is a protective paint or stucco coating on the exterior, and paint can be applied directly to panels on the interior. For a smoother finish for a home for example, the panels can be skim filled, or a high grade primer and paint applied to cover pin sized holes that might otherwise appear on interior walls. Spaces between panels can be filled with drywall mud.


ASIP-MT panels are:

  • water resistant
  • mould resistant
  • impact resistant
  • rust and corrosion resistant
  • salt resistant

Energy Savings and Environmental Advantages

ASIP-MT panels for foundations and exterior walls provide a complete, airtight building envelope. The foundation can also be configured to provide a passive geo-thermal field. This, combined with the superior insulating performance, will result in significant energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

ASIP-MT panels have extremely low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, resulting in a healthier internal environment.

In addition, panels can be deconstructed and reconstructed in a different configuration or location, providing long-term environmental sustainability.



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