THE MEGCRETE™ PANELIZED WALL SYSTEM provides a total solution for healthy, affordable, durable and energy efficient buildings. The Building Industry impacts all of us on a daily basis, from  the homes we live in, schools to educate our children, to the stores  we shop in. Yet today, remains one of the least technological changed industries in the world today.

frank-lloyd-wright-1.gifThink back 100 years; planes, trains, automobiles, space travel, agricultural equipment, computers, all these industries have advancements which impact our safety, comfort and quality of life. Now think back 100 years about how a house was constructed. intertek-logo-1.gifOur building system allows for reduced delivery time and easy site erection. For example the basement of a single family house can typically be completed in a day and the rest of the house can be erected in several more days depending on weather. With the factory-built components and no need for concrete, the house can be built in all weather conditions. The factory-built components ensure quality control, less site construction and concurrent activities, i.e. site preparation while  panels are being built, resulting in fast, simple and quality erection. The modular and kit properties are trade friendly, and allow for versatile designs options. Your investment and its occupants are protected because our panels are extremely durable, and fire and mould resistant.



  • Fire Resistance
  • Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Ease of Construction
  • Durability
  • Energy Savings and Environmental Advantages

connection-details-readmore-1.jpgThe MGO Panel System  provides a total solution for healthy, affordable, durable and energy efficient buildings.

panel-production-process-readmore-1.jpgLeading the industry with sophisticated equipment makes it simple to deliver the highest quality panel in the industry today. Production begins with a process that glues the different components of the panel together. The adhesive mixture is adjusted according to the ambient temperature and humidity.


  • ASIP-MT Panel Configurations
  • ASIP-MT Panel Insulating Values
  • Weights per Square Foot
  • Roof Load Rating
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Finishing
  • Repair

superior-strength-1.jpgThe ASIP-MT Insulated Structural Panel System provides a total solution for healthy, affordable, durable and energy efficient buildings. Our Insulated Panel building envelope includes walls, roofs and floors that are integrated with simple mechanical systems for optimal thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Our buildings are absolutely weather-tight and mould resistant.


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