Five times better

While all ASIP-MT panels provide some sound muffling, we are now also offering a specialized panel that is five to six times more sound proof than similar products.

sound-panels-01.jpgThis panel is rated STC-59 and provides the same level of sound proofing as a wood studded wall with a double layer of 1/2″ drywall on each side, resilient channels on one side and batt insulation on the other.


nvlap-logo.jpgCertified sound insulation
The STC 59 rating is certified in accordance with ASTM International’s (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) E413 - 10 Classification for Rating Sound Insulation. This means it is typically five to six times more sound proof than an average SIP panel with an STC 24 rating.


Noise complaints eliminated
The number one complaint of residents in apartments, town homes, and condos is noisy neighbours. Eliminate the problem from the start by using our sound attenuating panels on all demising walls.


sound-panels-02.jpgProtection of personal and business information
Protecting personal and business information is more important than ever, and can easily be provided by using our ASIP-MTTM Sound panels for patient rooms, boardrooms, and anywhere where sensitive information might be discussed.


A sound and fire barrier in one
In addition to offering sound attenuation, ASIP-MTTM Sound panels are also fire resistant with ratings up to four hours.

Learn more about the many other benefits of the Advanced structural insulated panels with certified MEGCRETe™ technology (ASIP-MT) building system.


sound-panels-03.jpg      sound-panels-04.jpg



Sound Attenuating Video

Privacy & Compatibility

  • •  Apartments
  • •  Assisted Living Complexes
  • •  Bedrooms
  • •  Boardrooms
  • •  Ceilings
  • •  Classrooms
  • •  Clinics
  • •  Doctors’ Offices
  • •  Duplexes
  • •  Hospitals
  • •  Hotels
  • •  Industrial Complexes
  • •  Lawyers’ Offices
  • •  Media Rooms
  • •  Movie Theatres
  • •  Nap Rooms
  • •  Office Buildings
  • •  Party Rooms
  • •  Patient Rooms
  • •  Physicians’ Call Rooms
  • •  Recreation Rooms
  • •  Residential Care Facilities
  • •  Townhouses
  • •  Traffic Noise Barriers


Product Overview

The MGO Panel System  provides a total solution for healthy, affordable, durable and energy efficient buildings. Our building envelope includes walls, roofs and floors that are integrated with simple mechanical systems for optimal thermal comfort and indoor air.

Experience the difference and enjoy your investment every day.