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Merger, ConstructShield™ Products Corp. & Rethinking Construction

I am delighted to announce that ConstructshieldTM Products Corp. of... Read More

MEGCRETe™ MgO Board - CCMC Listing

The only CCMC listed MgO Board for use as interior... Read More

Fire Test Case Study

MEGCRETe™ Fire-Rated MgO Sheathing Non-Combustible, 2 Hour Fire Wall Assembly. Compared... Read More


Industry news


CCMC Product Evaluations

The Registry of Product Evaluations contains all Evaluation Reports and Listings on products evaluated by the CCMC (over 500 products).

UPDATE - CCMC MgO Board Advisory

Southern Cross Technologies, Inc., is no longer included in the CCMC Registry of Product Evaluations.

Maple Leaf Green World INC.

Maple Leaf retains Rethinking Construction to fast track the construction of its Telkwa, B.C. facility

CCMC MgO Board Advisory

CCMC was recently made aware of premature failures in other countries of some magnesium oxide (MgO) boards.

Magnesium oxide board cause moisture damage

Magnesium oxide board, "MgO-board", is a factory-made sheathing board product, which has been widely used in the last 5 years in ventilated facades on new or renovated buildings in Denmark

'Faulty Tower' apartment owners suing 'lemon' property developer for $20 million

Residents of a Tweed Heads apartment building which may need to be torn down just seven years after being completed are seeking $20 million in damages from the property developer they say is responsible.




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