Traditional Cinder block vs. ConstructShield FW Series


Strategic Group is a fully integrated Real Estate developer. Meaning they own, manage, lease, develop, re-develop and re-purpose their own portfolio. The have national reach with real estate ownership from Vancouver Island to Atlantic Canada.

Developing multi-family dwellings poses many challenges ranging from soundproofing to rewalls between units and surrounding structure. In this project Strategic Group requested our help to reduce time and trades- people on site.


In this project Strategic Group was Zero Lot Line, which required a 1 hour re assembly. Traditionally, the only option was cinder block wall which requires additional trades, 4 weeks on site, scafolding and hoarding during winter months.

The additional challenge faced was as a result of Zero Lot Line, meaning construction crews would need to be on the neighboring business’s property during install.


The ConstructShield FW Series is a direct alternative to cinder block wall. In order to reduce time and tradespeople on the job site the assembly was manufactured in our controlled warehouse and shipped to the job site.

The ConstructShield FW Series meets and exceed current building code for re rated assemblies. The FW Series is certi ed up to a 4 hour rated rewall that can be built on site, or pre-assembled in our controlled manufactur- ing space.


The end result was greatly reduced install time, time on site, and on the neighboring property. The FW Series comes manufactured with rigid insulation and varpour barrier, unlike traditional cinder block. Through the use of the ConstructShield FW Series the wall was installed in just over 6 hours. There was no sca olding, hoarding. or additional trades required to install this assembly.

Strategic Group was extremely happy with the time savings, installation, cost savings and overall nished product.


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